A Proud Company History

TVS Manufacturing Specialists, Inc. in Lexington, SC was founded 38 years ago and in 1982 became incorporated. TVS is divided into two divisions. We specialize in Magnetic Components and Battery Cables.

tvs photo

The magnetic division manufactures custom magnetic parts, which include a wide range of various shapes and sizes of RF and low voltage transformers, toroids and air coils. These parts can be machine or hand wound and are assembled to customer specifications. The companies that purchase our products manufacture communication equipment, test equipment and line filters for cable TV. The other division manufactures custom battery cables from a no.6 to 4/o wire and the companies we service manufacture forklifts, generators, golf carts and boats.

Our average labor rate is very competitive, which allows your company to become more competitive by lowering your product cost. We have an excellent track record for quality and on time delivery with our customers.

TVS is classified as a veteran owned small business. We are registered with the Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance as a manufacturer of defense articles. We are also registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). We are strategically located in a highly populated growth area near Interstate 20, Interstate 26 and the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. There is access to all avenues of shipping.

TVS Manufacturing Specialists, Inc.